Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Soaring Anchor DesignsSoaring Anchor Designs is the artist name... crss

Soaring Anchor Designs

Soaring Anchor Designs is the artist name for an independent digital artist, designer, inventor, and maker of things.

​I try and draw inspiration from everything around me, while always accompanied by my furry son & constant companion. Each day, I look to see the beauty in everything and find the things that fuel my imagination. I’m influenced by my deep love of all animals, nature, the great outdoors, and all things imaginary and magical, while always trying to see things from a new perspective. The best ideas can come to you in dreams, either by day or night, and that is where these “dream-inspired designs” are usually born. The designs are like snapshots from my imagination, and always try and portray light and darkness, both literally and figuratively.

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