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Android Jones


The Creative Process of Android Jones

Android Jones creates deliciously detailed digital art.  His career highlights include working for George Lucas’ famous company ILM and working for Nintendo. Android currently works as an independent artist. Creating his detailed and intense art is difficult.   In an interview with Witness This Android Jones describes his creative process:

At the onset of an image, I’ve been known to consciously lash out a flurried cacophony of lines, shapes, and patterns. My initial choices of tools and brushes and patterns are often haphazardly chosen, frantically switching between brushes faster than my conscious mind has the ability to comprehend any semblance of meaning. My only instinct is to create a combination of shapes, colors, and patterns that defy any semblance of reason in the hope of uncovering a combination with some sense of novelty to it.

This reckless dance of pixels becomes like a meditation and it’s the one aspect of the creative process where I feel truly free. Sometimes it goes on for minutes or hours. The challenge during this part of the process is intentionally avoiding any objective or representational results, but eventually my eye catches something unusual or interesting.

As soon as this happens, my mind lapses from it’s meditation when it finds an aspect of the painting valuable or precious and the next stage, the fight revolves around protecting and exploring this new focal point of the image.
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