Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Towering, dominant and located on the grounds of a former lies...

Towering, dominant and located on the grounds of a former lies the House of Soviets in Victory Square of Kaliningrad, Russia. Before 1945, this land resided in Königsberg, Germany.

The building resides on the part of Königsberg Castle grounds that were destroyed in 1944. The castle burned down following the Second World War at the bombing of Königsberg.

The demanding facility structural plans were put into play in the 1960’s intending, to be a central administration building. As it was being built in the 1980’s it began to sink down into the unsound soil at the foundation. This was due to the old castle’s lower levels, tunnels and moats.

Through-out the years many attempts to get this fortress like structure finished have been pursued but pressures of money cost have caused delays. The inside of this building is left unfinished but the outside was completed in 2005.  Some want to rebuild the castle others think it will cost too much and for now a cobblestone square was set.

Nick names such as “Monster” and “Revenge of the Prussians” are due to the dislike of the decades long view of the abandoned building. Such architecture like this, Brutalism, was favored for government projects around this time. Even a part béton brut, with the exposed concrete.

Along the road of Ulitsa Shevchenko, 8, Konigsberg, Kaliningradskaya oblast of Russia you will see this striking architecture. If you are looking for this masterpiece? You can find this sovereign building with these coordinates. 54.709788, 20.512493

Photos by Felipe Tofani / Flickr under CCL NC by SA 2.0

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