Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Awe-Inspiring Book Collector’s Suite at Amsterdam Pulitzer...

The Awe-Inspiring Book Collector’s Suite at Amsterdam Pulitzer Hotel

A charming literary oasis inside Amsterdam’s Pulitzer Hotel, the Book Collector’s Suite has picturesque canal views, imaginative interiors, and its own private library to keep guests entertained on those rainy Dutch days.

Designed by South African architect Jacu Strauss, the exquisite two-room apartment combines the building’s storied past and heritage with quirky literary details to create a characterful, original space.

Bathed in a rich color palette inspired by the Old Masters, the decor exudes cultured elegance, with sumptuous period furnishings, rare antiques, and creatively arranged books. The sitting room is home to a beautiful vintage desk and a dramatic floor-to-ceiling bookcase, and the bedroom’s entrance is marked by an ingenious arched bookshelf with a bicycle on top.

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