Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Surreal Illustrations by Mikhail VyrtsevMikhail Vyrtsev (b.1988,...

Surreal Illustrations by Mikhail Vyrtsev

Mikhail Vyrtsev (b.1988, Moscow, Russia) studied design at the Moscow University of Industrial Arts and worked as shipment handler for Danone before realizing that he really wanted to be an illustrator.

Vyrtsev, who goes through a deep contemplation process while creating his works, explains his sources of inspiration as: “A contemplation of thought process. It always fascinates me when I understand the reasoning behind things. It’s not only about art, but anything. And it deeply upsets me when I see that no thought is involved in a production, or the thought was evil or silly or vile.”  For more check out his website, and follow him on Instagram.  

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