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De-Selfing // Hsin Wang Hsin Wang is a Taiwanese fine art... crss

De-Selfing // Hsin Wang 

Hsin Wang is a Taiwanese fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. Hsin is noted for using muted color palette, graphics, and manipulation of negative space. Statement from Hsin:

I have been using my photography to create a visual representation of my feelings about romantic relationships, called De-Selfing.

After a major break up, I deeply believed that if I didn’t transform myself into a more likable woman, there would be no more happiness in my life. So I started to dispose of everything that defined the old “me”-things I did, said, and even believed. I chose to “de-self” myself in order to please potential romantic partners.

Creating the images in De-Selfing has been a therapeutic process for me. Since starting the project, I have picked myself up piece by piece, gotten my confidence back, and been able to hear my own voice again.

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