Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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Stunning Self Portraits of a Woman Sharing an Eye with Various Animals

Hungarian artist Flóra Borsi has a keen talent for creating surreal visuals. We have featured Borso before, with her collection of playful time-travel edits and enchanting urban landscapes, and the self taught artist just continues to improve and impress. Her latest series of skillful photo manipulations feature some stunning self-portraits with an animalistic twist. The series, titled Animeyed, showcases the young artist with one eye replaced by that of a wild animal.

Borsi is an expert at creating ethereal photo manipulations that tug at the imagination and explore a diverse range of concepts. The edits within Animeyed are exceptionally well done, the profile of each animal perfectly aligned with Borso’s own visage to evoke a radically different mood. Borsi makes use of facial expression, makeup, and background colours to completely re-imagine every representation into a unique and stand-alone piece.


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