Saturday, March 17, 2018

John Stortz is a 26 year old illustrator from the United... crss

John Stortz is a 26 year old illustrator from the United States, specializing in pen and ink. He’s been developing his earthy and detailed style of drawing ever since he was young:

“[I’ve been drawing] since I can remember. I was a latchkey kid and an only child so I spent a big chunk of my childhood drawing by myself. I still really dig this drawing of an island covered in reptiles and birds I did in kindergarten. I think the main influences I had were these books on urban legends and monsters I found at the library. There was also this book about Greek and Norse mythology that I got during summer camp that I loved. It was filled with these beautiful and strange illustrations of creation myths and creatures. The other big influence was the sci-fi and animated films I’d watch with my dad.”


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Some of John’s favorite artists include Richey Beckett, Killian Eng, Apollonia Saintclair, Pat Perry, and Walton Ford.

“I love the work they do because they all have very honed styles but still push themselves and their work. I also enjoy artists that seem to have an obsession they just can’t kick. The ones that keep teasing away at the things that interest them.”


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