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Small, Seductive Whitewashed House in ComportaTucked away in the...

Small, Seductive Whitewashed House in Comporta

Tucked away in the chic coastal village of Comporta, on Portugal’s Troia peninsula, this dazzlingly white vacation home is the kind of place dreams are made of: comfortably rustic and discreetly on-trend.

Designed by Lisbon-based studio Pereira Miguel Arquitectos, the tranquil country retreat is in perfect harmony with the environment, blending traditional architectural elements with simple contemporary aesthetics.

Complementing the main cement house is a detached wooden cabin, plus a small pool and a handful of welcoming alfresco areas. Inside, light pours in through floor-to-ceiling windows, whereas walls and furnishings melt in an endless sea of white, with the occasional rustic carpet and natural wood accent.

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