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Art fair: Art Madrid Madrid / 21 – 25 Feb 2018Art Madrid is... crss

Gerald Mas - call-center-lady


Marc Solís - rojo-iv

Spok Brillor - K



LUCAS BROX el-artista-serie-los-tres-mendigos

Art fair: Art Madrid

Madrid / 21 – 25 Feb 2018

Art Madrid is clearly the more affordable version of ARCO. And it can be interesting for new collectors and art enthusiasts. Larger than JustMAD, it also focuses more on the artworks than on the “people”. Furthermore, the fair is accepting Urban Art within its walls. It is one of these usual professional art fairs as so many others in the world. Its business model is just like any other trade fairs: making the most out of booth rentals from galleries. You may say, oh well, it is how the market works. But should it be?

The complete list of events during the art fair week in Madrid

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