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This App is The Perfect Solution For All Working Parents

It can be quite difficult these days for families with young kids to go out for an evening on the town. Unless you are lucky to have a reliable family member that can watch the kids on short notice, you stuck having to find a local babysitter to watch the kids.

However, how do you know that the person that you are trusting to watch your precious kids can be trusted? Also, as a babysitter or nanny, how do you know that the person you are sitting for will not stiff you. If you own an Apple iPhone, there is an app for that, the Urbansitter App.

Find Your Perfect Baby Sitter

Urbansitter, Inc. created the perfect solution to the problem of couples looking for a sitter for their kids and local sitters/nanny’s looking for work. The Urbansitter App is a powerful resource that helps parents find local babysitters that have been used by other local families. The app includes a video profile of the person and it also includes reviews posted by others who have used them to sit with their kids. Contacts can be made safely and easily directly from the app. Babysitters can use the app to find sitting jobs that posted on the app.

This App Benefits Both Parents And Baby Sitters

Detailed video profiles and reviews of babysitters – Each babysitter has a video profile and you read reviews posted by people who have used them. All contacts can be made through the app. You can safely connect with the sitter directly through the app.

Sitters/nannies can look at job listings – Users can post on the app when they are needing a sitter, even if it is on short notice for the evening.

It Is a Lifesaver For All Working Parents

The Urbansitter App was a lifesaver for me, I was really needing to find a sitter for my two young kids when something came up the other day. I am relatively new to the area and I did not know anyone who I find on short notice to watch them. A friend recommended that I give it a shot, so I downloaded it to my iPhone. I looked through some of the profiles and read some of the reviews in order to find one that I felt comfortable with. After a great experience, I would give it a definite 5 stars out of 5 stars.

If you are struggling to find a good, reliable babysitter for your kids and you have not had much luck, you really should try the Urbansitter App for iOS. Just click here to find more information and to find where to download it.

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