Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Surrealistic Paintings by Leigh Whurr Leigh Whurr a.k.a.... crss

Surrealistic Paintings by Leigh Whurr

Leigh Whurr a.k.a. Oddly-Spliced is a digital artist from Birmingham, UK.

Describing or explaining my work is rarely simple since the very appeal of this type of imagery lies in how it may touch a place that words or logic cannot immediately reach.

There is logic to be found, but it is spliced with my own subjective reality. It is an instinctual drive and so any statement about my work usually requires some degree of philosophical leverage, as well as a certain amount of self-analysis. Painting digitally seems like a natural extension of a contemporary approach, although I do not feel this should impinge on the content of the work itself in terms of how it should be received.  It is, to me, simply a more efficient and enjoyable way of producing art.

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