Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Let Your Smart Home Products Become Smarter and Safer With This Product

Advancement in technology has helped to infuse the internet into the electrical appliances and gadgets used in our various homes. With our smartphone, we can switch lights on/off, regulate room temperature, and control various happenings in and around the home. However, IoT puts us at risk. These devices can be hacked by external sources. When an IoT invasion occurs, your whole home is put at risk. For this reason, it is important to guide against that from happening.

Secure Your Home Network

Manufactured by, Akita is a sophisticated smart home device that will help provide instant privacy for other smart home devices. Akita offers top level protection for your home from any form of IoT invasion or hacking. This is a small device that offers massive protection for your home.

This advanced smart device watchdog makes use of military-grade security protection solutions to protect your home and provides expert assistance services. By connecting Akira to your router or internet source, the device scans the whole network. In the process, any unusually activity can be detected and shut down immediately.

Advanced Way to Protect Your Smart Homes

Furthermore, Akita makes use of advanced techniques such as threat intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analysis to ensure that your home is well secured. The device works on the IPS security method, expertly analyzing any communication source. While it carries out its work, it does not slow down your internet connection in any way.

In addition, doesn’t make use of deep packet inspection. What the device does is to keep your smart home devices safe from external invasion and does not invade your privacy. Regular security updates and expert assistance are provided to ensure that the device is up-to-date on latest IoT hack techniques.

Get Yours Today!

Do not wait until your privacy is compromised before taking necessary action. Akita is here to provide corporate-level security for every smart home devices in your home. With Akita, you are in the right direction towards preventing any form of IoT hack or invasion in your home.  Get yours today here.

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