Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jellyfish - Mystical Creatures With Great Benefits For Men

Nature sometimes presents us with a myriad of questions. Among the myriad of creatures, the jellyfish which are often fascinating even though we lack a lot of info about them. While the jellyfish may not stand out much like some other sea creatures, there are some interesting pieces of facts about the jellyfish, but only for those who search them out.

How Old Is The Jellyfish?

In this article written by Phillip Lamb for the conservation US, he shared a handful of rather unknown information about the jellyfish. Phillip collated these beautiful pieces of info from various research that understudied the nature of the jellyfish among other sea creatures. The jellyfish despite its distinct nature weighs about 38million tons in the upper 200 meters region of the ocean, apart from its weights in the deeper parts of the ocean. Their gelatinous body have evolved through about 500million years and is the reason they have not gone extinct. He shared more facts about their super-power abilities and their incredible transformation to adult jellyfish.

How Does The Jellyfish Affect Humanity?

What is more intriguing about the jellyfish are the many unknown ways they affect our lives as humans daily. Lamb shares some of the negative ways they can cause ecological and economic problems for humans. Nonetheless, the most intriguing benefit centers around the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), which is of invaluable, benefit in the world of medical research.

Tapping Into The Abundance of Nature 

This article shows the extent at which we as humans can understand nature and can use it to our benefit. There are many things around us like the jellyfish that we do not ascribe any benefits but they contribute immensely to our world. It is important to look at each gift of nature with a promise of positivity in order to draw out benefits that will make our world better.

It is delighting to know that this research results shared in this article has further lead to deeper research into the nature of the jellyfish as an entity and in extension, other marine bodies. This is good, but the final utilisation of the information stands above all other things and this is why you should read the full article here.

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