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Is It Necessary for Kids in America to Spend Long Hours at Schools?

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American education stands as a model for many countries around the world. Findings have however shown that students spend more time in American schools, but this time spent does not exactly result in a better performance when compared to their counterparts in other countries, where students spend less hours in school. Is this be an important signal for the need to review the school system?

Dispelling the myths surrounding the American school system

In this video, there is an attempt to dispel a perceived notion that American’s spend longer hours in school because it results in better performance; this claim has been found to be untrue. The time spent in school is not the only factor contributing to the results achieved in Japan and South Korea in international examinations. Much of the telling differences in the performance of these students are tied to extra trainings such as cram schools, extra mural classes and the time spent during these extra periods of learning are not part of the time spent at school.

What are the important differences in the school system in these countries and in the US?

American starts school early in the morning, with the kids having lunch in school and they stay until school closes. In other schools in countries cited in the video, school time is flexible in those countries such as Germany and Finland and the kids ate lunch at home and would not return, but will continue with homework. What is notable here is the fact that the German school system adopted all day school systems when more of their women became involved at work. This video also features other myths that were carefully debunked so as not to start any stream of myths, especially the one concerning the origin of long summer holidays in America.

American education embracing flexibility- A positive light 

It is interesting to note that these myths exist however untrue. Likewise, it is interesting to note that the education system in America within the last decade, has embraced some school schedules such as online classes, evening classes and this has allowed students take part in extracurricular activities. Many thanks to the advent of technology.

It is not exactly laudable to compare the American schooling system to that of other countries. What is important is that each country should focus on making their education system achieve more results. As we do this, take a look at the full video here.

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