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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Drawings by Zoe Keller Zoe Keller is an illustrator seeking a... crss

Drawings by Zoe Keller Zoe Keller is an illustrator seeking a deeper understanding of nature through drawing. Since graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland she has explored the many lakes of Minneapolis, the rocky coast of eastern Maine, New York’s sleepy Hudson Valley and the shores of Lake Michigan. Zoe uses graphite and ink to create highly detailed drawings that blend hints of narrative with images from the natural world.  Follow her on Keep in touch! Like Cross Connect on Facebook ! posted by Margaret crss

Park that turns into a lake for half the year

A rare natural phenomenon turns one of Austria’s most beautiful hiking trails into a 10 meter-deep lake, for half the year. Located at the foot of the Hochschwab Mountains, in Tragoess, Styria, Green Lake is one of the most bizarre natural phenomena in the world. During the cold winter months, this place is almost completely dry, and used as a country park where hikers love to come and spend some time away from urban chaos. But as soon as temperatures rise, the snow and ice covering the mountaintops begin to melt, and the water pours down, filling the basin below with crystal-clear water. Water levels go from one-two meters at most, to over 10 meters, in the early summer. The waters of Green Lake are highest in June, when this extraordinary place is invaded by divers, curious to see what a mountain park looks like underwater. Fish swimming over wooden benches, a grass-covered bottom, trees, roads, roads and even bridges create a surreal setting that feels like it belongs on dry gr

I Don’t Travel Once A Year; I Travel Every Day In The Same Old Place

Traveling is always addictive. Sadly most people on average can only travel once a year, due to the monetary cost, work, etc. But life is so short. Why do we have to wait for the yearly vacation to have such amazing travel experience? Before we look into the ways to have frequent travel experience, we need to understand what makes traveling so addictive… When we travel, we’re highly stimulated by the new things around us. New buildings, new custom, new faces…When we get so much stimulation at a time, we pay closer attention and become more present in the moment. Psychologists say when our mind wanders less, we become happier. [1] If that’s the magic of travel, why do we have to travel abroad? Staycation can do exactly the same. And we can actually get that travel high EVERY SINGLE DAY even if we are not traveling, as long as we twist our mind a bit. By doing the following small things, you’ll feel like traveling every day, though you stay in the same place. Go to a new restaurant

I Deleted 564 Friends On Facebook But I Have Saved 100 Real Life Friendships

I was meeting one of my best friends from college last weekend. She lives abroad for work but she will come back at least once a year; every time she’s back she will definitely make an effort to see me and It feels like she never left. During our chat, she asked: “Do you think it’s getting a lot harder to make friends as we grow up?” I laughed and said: “Who doesn’t think like that?” Her question was stuck in my mind that night, and suddenly I have come up with another thought. I opened my Facebook. Slowly and gradually, I deleted 564 friends that night. Making friends is actually a lot easier than you think. Let me prove this. Imagine you met someone interesting at a party and you feel like it would be great if you guys can stay connected after the party. So the next thing you do was get onto Facebook, search the name, move your fingertip to the magic button “Add friends” and JOB DONE! Just one magic click and you guys are friends now. Just as simple as you see. However, I th

How To Get Back Your Inborn Creativity

Many people want to be more creative. But most of them also doubt if creativity is a gifted talent that cannot be learned. To find the truth, scientists did some experiments which results were astonishing and at the same time encouraging. Creativity is indeed an inborn talent, but everyone has it In 1968, George Land tested 1,600 children’s performance in a creativity test that was originally designed for NASA to recruit innovative scientists. The children were tested at different ages. Test results 5 year olds who passed the test: 98% 10 year olds who passed the test: 30% 15 year olds who passed the test: 12% Interestingly, there’s an obvious down trend: the older we are, the less creative we become. Creativity is not a random gift that only belongs to the lucky minority; we all are gifted with creativity when we were born. What happens, though, is that during our course of life, we start to “unlearn” our creativity. Education is the murderer of creativity Once we enter sc

See What Over 1000 Quora Users Around The World Would Recommend If You Can Only Read Once In Your Life

When asked to pick only one book to recommend to someone, most people would agree that it is quite a difficult task. Firstly, because there are so many great pieces that it seems unfair to pick just one. Secondly, definition of a great book varies from person to person. Yet, when asked what would be the one they would recommend if someone could only read once in their life, most Quora users opted for books that greatly influenced their thinking and ideas about life. Go through the list and see if you agree and maybe pick one or two for your personal library. 1. Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter The book explores lives, works and ideas of logician Kurt Gödel, artist M.C. Escher, and composer Jonathan Sebastian Bach. Using puns, metaphors and puzzles to connect concepts of mathematics, symmetry and intelligence, the book actually explores the notion of human cognition and consciousness. The value of the book is in its ability to take you on a journ

How To Save 21 Days Per Year By Typing Fast

Did you know that typing fast could save you up to 21 days per year? [1] This might sound unbelievable, but it is totally possible. The average person spends at least three hours a day using a keyboard while doing work, writing emails, messaging, using social networks, etc. If you increase your typing speed by 20%, you can save up to 35 minutes per day. That equals a phenomenal 213 hours per year. Considering that most people have about 10 hours of active time per day, you could be saving up to 21 days each year! Nowadays, we spend so much time typing on a keyboard that typing seems nothing special today; so much so that we seldom give any thought to this survival skill, let alone try to improve our typing speed. However, bringing you typing speed from the average 41 words per minute (wpm) to 70wpm or above could actually make a difference. Slow typers are commonly seen as less capable. A large part of our day is spent typing. Indeed, not having the right technique can cause