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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Riken Yamamoto - Yamakawa cottage, Yatsugatake 1977. Via,...

Riken Yamamoto - Yamakawa cottage , Yatsugatake 1977. Via , 2 .  “ Mr. Yamakawa, who placed his trust in an architect with practically no real experience, was our first client. Looking back, I believe the project greatly influenced my subsequent approach…After making a few basic requests, Mr. Yamakawa had very little to say. He wanted a spacious terrace–a place that was like a living room where he could also take his meals and relax the whole day long. The villa would be used mainly as a summer retreat; it would not be used in winter. Those were his only conditions. We therefore designed a house that seemed to be all terrace… A number of rooms stand, separated from one another, in the middle of the woods, and a single roof covers them all. ”

Digital Manipulations by Marcus Conge Marcus Conge a.k.a.... crss

Digital Manipulations by Marcus Conge Marcus Conge a.k.a. RockingThePixel is a freelance 3D artist and has been working professionally since graduating RIT. Known for creating art and animation for a variety of industries. He has had the privilege to work with Ambrosia Software, Pangea Software, Freeverse Software and many others the world over Artist website: Stay current with Cross Connect Magazine on Twitter and Facebook . posted by Margaret crss

Yoo2 Rio de JaneiroLocated in the up-and-coming neighborhood of...

Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro Located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Botafogo, the rooms and suites at Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro offer mesmerizing views of Sugarloaf Mountain, the beach, or the iconic Christ the Redeemer. As London-based Yoo design studio’s first hotel, the property is a hip, upscale retreat offering fresh and flavorful Brazilian cuisine, a staggering rooftop pool, and a variety of bespoke city tours. The interior design is a mix of smart contemporary styling and chic industrial touches, with lots of inspiring tropical references. Expect vibrant tiled floors, street-art inspired furnishings, and eye-catching palm-print murals on the ceilings.   Compare prices for this hotel at TripAdvisor

The Daily TaskAs a good resolution for 2013, Doze Studio, a... crss

The Daily Task As a good resolution for 2013, Doze Studio, a motion design agency based in Nantes (France), came up with a crazy idea. Each day, one  member of the crew have to think, create and play with a visual experiment and post it on Tumblr. More unique art on Cross Connect Magazine: Twitter || Facebook|| Instagram Posted by Andrew crss

How Only 2% of Your Effort Can Drive As High As 98% Of The End Results

We have always been looking for the path to success but sometimes it seems that we are just going round in circles. I’ve been there too, working really hard on many different things to make sure all of them work really really well, I just wanted it all and I thought that would make me a have higher chance of success; but of course, it never went the way I wanted. That’s when I started to research for smarter ways to work. And then, I found the unicorn that took me closer to success. Here’s something you can try too to wisely allocate your time and effort to gain the most success. The Unicorn That Drives Great Results The Unicorn Principle [1] tells us that only 2% of your effort is going to contribute 98% of the end result. Sounds amazing? Probably this is why people call it “unicorn”. But how can we make use of it? In online marketing, the success rate is only around 1-2%, but they’re called the “unicorn-magical” content that goes really viral. The remaining 98-99% that doesn’t

If You Play Any Musical Instruments, Your Brain Is Very Different From Others'

For many people, it’s something that’s been endlessly on the to-do list. I’ll take up the guitar. I’ll join a jazz band.If you can play a musical instrument, well done, you do something because you’re passionate about it. It takes dedication and willpower to become a good musician.For those who are undecided, on the verge of taking one up —as if you really need anymore reason— here is proof of the benefits of playing a musical instrument. Learning An Instrument Accelerates Brain Development Neuroscientists at USC have recently carried out a study [1] examining the impact of music instruction on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. The study results show that music-learning speeds up the development of the auditory pathway in the brain and increases its efficiency. The study’s lead author, Assal Habibi, talked about his team’s findings: “These results reflect that children with music training, compared with the two other comparison groups, were more accurate i

Why People Who Are Unable To Take Criticism Will Not Succeed

Has anyone ever said you’re defensive against criticisms? It is as if an universal truth that criticism is a good thing but when in face of it, we cannot help and our defensive mechanism startles. In fact, it is natural that one is inclined to repulse criticism. Famously known, our brains are wired with a fight-or-flight response. When we encounter with danger, in this case, criticisms, some of us want to flee away while some want to fight back. But after all, it is important to know that there are many benefits lying beneath criticism. If we can restrain our natural tendency, we will gladly accept criticisms and get closer to success. Criticism guides you to the next level. Think in this way, criticism is helping you to improve, not to insult you or drag you behind. It is not outrageous to compare us to lost stars: we are all finding the path in the dark. It is usual to feel lost sometimes. It indeed takes courage to admit that we still have many things to learn. No one is perfec