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Riken Yamamoto - Yamakawa cottage, Yatsugatake 1977. Via,...

Riken Yamamoto - Yamakawa cottage, Yatsugatake 1977. Via, 2

Mr. Yamakawa, who placed his trust in an architect with practically no real experience, was our first client. Looking back, I believe the project greatly influenced my subsequent approach…After making a few basic requests, Mr. Yamakawa had very little to say. He wanted a spacious terrace–a place that was like a living room where he could also take his meals and relax the whole day long. The villa would be used mainly as a summer retreat; it would not be used in winter. Those were his only conditions. We therefore designed a house that seemed to be all terrace… A number of rooms stand, separated from one another, in the middle of the woods, and a single roof covers them all.

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