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Domestic Violence – A Curse On Society

Violence in layman’s terms is any physical activity that is intended to cause harm, injury, destruction, or death. However, the word “violence” is a very vague term and cannot be exactly defined, as there are many aspects and scenarios where the definition of violence for one has another meaning for others. For example, the ongoing act of intimidation in Middle East countries can be termed as an act of violence for one group, while the other might call it an act of raising voice against tyranny and corruption for peace and freedom. What Is The Root Cause? Domestic violence is a very general and primitive issue and has only one meaning – terror. It was around centuries ago and is still present now. People are more educated today and understand better what is right and what is wrong, but still, the amount of domestic violence has not decreased. Some blamed it on hitting too much from glass pipes or as an effect of legal steroids. In a way, it is something that nearly everyone has enco

3 Gadgets to Get You Through the Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season can be tough, especially if you have kids. Tissues and runny noses everywhere, sick days home from school and work – it’s a time of year that’s not only inconvenient, but also downright miserable for the people involved. Here are three gadgets to help you get the whole family through the cold and flu season with minimal discomfort. Digital Thermometer When you have a sick child, a digital thermometer is a cold and flu season essential. Because high fevers can be dangerous for young children, you want to make sure to invest in a reliable thermometer, and know how to use it properly. There are many styles of digital thermometers on the market. Some even connect to apps to make it easy to keep track of temperature history. New temple and forehead thermometers are popular, easy to use on squirmy kids, and surprisingly accurate. Ear thermometers are also a great option. But, there is nothing wrong with using a traditional digital thermometer. When using a thermometer

What Highly Productive People Do Routinely (That You Can Do Now)

Productivity is learned, not inborn. Highly productive people are not born to be productive. Instead, they make an effort to carefully select their routine and master their behavior. After studying many highly successful and productive people, I found that they all share certain routines and habits. Highly productive people have some routines in common that made them productive, and here are the eleven you can start practicing in your daily life to ramp up your overall productivity and performance. 1. Plan for the next day before bed Productive people know what they need and want to do way before it’s the time to do it. If you failed to plan, you’re planned to fail. People who never plan for what they need to get done the next day usually get nothing done. Besides, having a clear mission and purpose for the next day also give you a solid reason to get up early and kick some asses the next day. 2. Wake up early We usually perform best in the first few hours after we get up from th

What Is Your Defining Mental Picture?

What Do You See In Your Mind When You Think About Yourself?   A mirror is nothing more than a tool to reflect your outward appearance, but how we truly see ourselves is a product of our self-conscious mind, and that mind, for most of us, is a brute. An irrational pessimist. I know this because so many of us seek self improvement. We want to learn more, gain perspective or enlightenment, and become a better version of ourselves. But why and to what end? The only person who can fix you, is you, and you are the one telling yourself there is a problem. How do we get out of that one? My wife and I argue about this one all the time. To me she is a wonder. Equal parts dazzling beauty, stubborn pragmatism, and youthful joy. Try as I may though, I cannot get her to see herself the way I see her. Or for that matter, the way the world sees her. She has a set self image that will not budge. The sword in the stone, I cannot pry it free. Regardless of the manifestation, why do we have this pro

Taxes: 10 Terms You Should Know If You Want to File By Yourself This Year

If you want to prepare and file your own tax return, you’re not alone. More than 27 million people did their own taxes [1] in 2014, a nearly 6 percent increase from the year before. However, joining the 27 million-person-strong tax preparers and filers around the United States doesn’t mean that understanding your taxes is easy. Taxes can be daunting, especially if you don’t know the terms. To help, here’s a list of 10 tax terms that you need to know if you’re doing your taxes yourself this year. Adjusted Gross Income Your adjusted gross income (AGI), [2] sometimes referred to as gross income, refers to all the income you’ve received in the year. This includes income you’ve earned, such as wages and income you may have received because of owning stocks, bonds or money market accounts. Interest, dividends and capital gains all fall into this category. The “adjusted” part of AGI comes in because you can subtract certain items from the income you’ve received. Contributions to an IR

How to Find Your Creative Spark and Become a Better Writer

Although every piece of art is food for the soul in its own magical way, I find writing to be a very challenging branch when it comes to two important aspects – perceiving it and creating it. A painting is something you can see, music is something you can hear, but text is something that needs to be developed in your mind while you’re reading. As a writer, you need to make sure that those mental images that are evoked in a reader’s mind while they are reading your work are interesting, to say the least. It sounds really difficult, because it is, but it is not impossible to learn. The fact that you’re not a particularly gifted singer doesn’t mean that you can’t develop a lovely singing voice if you invest your efforts that way. That goes the same for being a good writer. Create a Productive Ritual In order to become a good writer, you need to practice and be very determined about it. You should treat it as if it were any other job and write every single day. I know that creativity i

3 Wonderfully Inspiring Lessons Learned from Classic Literature

Study the classics, they say, but make your own rules. In a similar tone, Edgar Degas claims that “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” If the reader is indeed the one who writes the story by filling in the blanks with his own intellect, imagination and sentiment, then no literature piece is ever fully red, nor fully written. Instead of being fossilized, forever closed structures with a single, universal moral, classic books have the power of opening themselves toward the world. If there’s anything universal about them, it’s the innate, deeply human truth that makes them applicable to every age and culture, and most importantly, to each of our lives. So, let me ask you a question: when was the last time you drank vodka with Dostoyevsky? Sure, we’ve all had our fair share of “Crime and Punishment” during our high school years, but I dare you to pay another visit to poor Rodya! Now that your consciousness – which envelopes both your self-awareness and understanding