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Domestic Violence – A Curse On Society

Violence in layman’s terms is any physical activity that is intended to cause harm, injury, destruction, or death. However, the word “violence” is a very vague term and cannot be exactly defined, as there are many aspects and scenarios where the definition of violence for one has another meaning for others. For example, the ongoing act of intimidation in Middle East countries can be termed as an act of violence for one group, while the other might call it an act of raising voice against tyranny and corruption for peace and freedom.

What Is The Root Cause?

Domestic violence is a very general and primitive issue and has only one meaning – terror. It was around centuries ago and is still present now. People are more educated today and understand better what is right and what is wrong, but still, the amount of domestic violence has not decreased. Some blamed it on hitting too much from glass pipes or as an effect of legal steroids. In a way, it is something that nearly everyone has encountered in his or her life. It is not limited only to beating and fighting, but also includes sexual and mental harassment and torture that one suffers from a family member or partner.

With the growing “inhumanity traits” of people today, the cases and reports of domestic violence, according to TechMSD survey last October 2015, has actually increased more now than during the time when people were less educated or advanced. We hear news on an almost daily basis about children being raped by their own kin or father, wives being beaten to death, and the like, which is a shame and curse on society.

Where Does it Start?

Domestic violence in a family mostly starts with a partner feeling a need to control the other. The spark is generally ignited when abusers feel inferior to the other partner. This domination can turn into emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, ultimately resulting in domestic violence.

How is it Done?

“Violence can either be done physically, emotionally and even sexually,” Wikipedia says. These three are the most common types of violence that you can see in television news and even at times on the streets around us. To give you a clearer thought about these things, here are some examples of individual and common types of violence.


If one person uses such a degree of brute force that ends up injuring the other person, or putting someone at risk of being injured, that is considered as physical violence. This includes:

  • battering (which is now considered a crime)
  • pushing
  • beating/hitting with any toolbox items or heavy items
  • burning
  • assaulting with a knife or any deadly weapon
  • restraining
  • pinching/biting
  • murder


When talking about ruthless acts and deeds, the famous quotation that says that talk is cheap suddenly turns untrue. “Words could really do a lot of damage to a certain individual’s confidence and self-esteem,” says Noel Giles from Cloud Culture store. Usually, people address it as emotional or social violence. You always have to take into consideration the feelings of others. If you utterly dislike being judged and criticized in the public, surely other individuals do not like to experience the same thing. As the golden saying goes: “do unto others what you would have done to you”.


The sexual aspect of an individual is the most commonly abused. Sexual abuse cases are also one of the most common themes of crime related news nowadays. It is not really surprising for society to have this kind of problem because prostitution laws are already losing their teeth in catching prostitution syndicates that often force women into human trafficking.

What Are The Effects?

The effects are really terrifying. Victims, like small children, are so heavily influenced as they grow up that they, in their later stage of life, often turn out to be abusers, hence resulting in more incidences in newer generations. It is estimated that 80% of drug addicts and criminals had moderate-to-severe level violence in their family when they were kids. Of course, such violence creates a negative influence on small children and negatively influences them as they grow. These shameful acts of terror at home are actually reshaping the beautiful society that we once knew to a more dreadful one.

In both developed and developing countries, about 55% of divorce cases are filed with the legal ground of domestic violence, whereas in the underdeveloped countries, there are increasing incidences of mental illness, suicide, or self-injury as a consequence. In many male dominating societies, the female and children within the house are the more likely victims of domestic violence. However, in developing countries, both male and females are equally victimized by these types of violence. Although proper emphasis has not been given to date for this issue, Collins Flagpole company suggests it is time for the government to formulate an effective law and order so as to help create a society free of any domestic violence.


Violence can already be considered as a very acute societal disease that can affect almost every person living in a community. While the treatments and remedies are there and available, such as anger management or personality development sessions, one must be willing to take it. Otherwise, we will stay the same as we are now.

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