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What Impression You Want To Leave If You Are Going To Die Tomorrow?

What would you do if you found out you have just three weeks to live? Go on an adventure, sell your house, or buy expensive designer wears? Georgia is one lady that is not ready to go without a statement. The last holiday is a movie that will help you appreciate how much you can do with your life.

With only three weeks to live, shy cookware salesperson decides to live life to the fullest 

While flirting with a co-worker Sean, Georgia, played by Queen Latifah, bumps her head on the cabinet. She is taken to the company’s health center, and the Doctor recommended a CAT scan. The scan shows that Georgia has a brain tumor and she has just three weeks to live. Realizing that she couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery, Georgia withdraws all her money, sell her assets, and goes on the last Christmas holiday to the Czech Republic.

She stays in the presidential suite, uses their service to the full, eats a very expensive luncheon, buys designer wears, and tries skiing. But Sean, played by LL Cool J, hasn’t given up on her yet.

Georgia, a salesperson in a cookware store finds out she has brain tumors. She sells her things and decide to go on a holiday to the Czech Republic and live the best three weeks of her life. The love Sean has for her becomes the catalyst that brought her back home and changes her life forever.

We Don’t Have To Wait To Live A Happy Life

The last holiday is a movie that shows us how precious life is. Georgia lived a quiet life but didn’t live it to the full. The result of her CAT scan changes everything as she suddenly realizes that she will be dead in three weeks. The movie touches on the subject of self-actualization and how it reflects on the lives of every individual. It also shows how vein much of the things we carry in high esteem are, and that love is the only important thing we need to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. Sean, despite Georgia’s situation, never gave up on the love he has for her. He was committed to stay with her to the end and show how much he cares, which one of the things Georgia cherished as she makes her way back to the United States. This movie is recommended for people who need the inspiration to accept who they are and live life to the full no matter their situation. It is fun, exciting, and enjoyable to view.

Save and watch the movie so you can appreciate life the more.

To watch Last Holiday, Click Here.

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