Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This App Can Keep Your Kids Entertained Without TV or Video Games

Finding things for their kids to do in order to keep them busy is something that many parents struggle with these days. This is especially true for parents with older kids that are able to do things for themselves but still could use the help finding things that keep their attention. One of the more popular things that parents often turn to is crafting.

A big reason for this is because crafting offers so many great options for kids of all ages to be able to participate in fun activities. In order to help kids, there is an app made specifically kids call TutoTod-Easy Crafts for Kids,

Keep Your Kids Entertained In A Good Way

The TutoTod App is designed especially to be used by kids to help them develop the skills for problem-solving and other educational benefits. By empowering kids with the knowledge of being about to use ordinary things around the house in order to make crafts. It is a powerful tool that contains hundreds of craft ideas, but unlike other apps that require you to buy a bunch of supplies and then complete the tasks, it gives the user a list of things that you more than likely already have.

Simple Supplies, Great Ideas and Lots of Fun

Simple crafts ideas – The concept is to help boost the creativity of the child using 6 basic supplies that most people already have around the house.

Child development tool – Helps children to develop fine motor skills and problem-solving at the same time as they are having fun. It is designed in a way to get them to learn without them even knowing about it.

In-app add-ons – The basic app offers dozens of easy to follow educational craft ideas designed to help your child grow as they play. There are also numerous add-ons that can be purchased inside the app to further expand their horizons.

Personal Thoughts about TutoTod – Easy Crafts for Kids App

Getting my kids away from the TV screen and video games was a challenge for us when our kids were growing up. Now, thanks to the TutoTo app, I can give them plenty of crafting ideas that they can easily follow. I do not have to buy a whole bunch of expensive supplies for them to use, the app shows them how they can use a short list of items that we already have around the house. I would give the app 5 stars out of 5 stars.


If you have little ones at home and you are looking for some crafting ideas that also include some educational themes and concepts, try downloading TutoTod – Easy Crafts for Kids, just click here for more information.

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