Sunday, December 3, 2017

Need Some Direction? Find Some From These Mentors

You can learn a lot from a great mentor, especially the ones with both success and failure experiences. These great people can offer you advice in your career, future developments and give you clarity when you are confused with decisions in life. If you have not yet found the right mentor in your life, Getting there – A book of Mentors, might just be the solution for you. Offering thirty mentors from different fields, sharing not just their pathway to success, but also the realities of failure, struggles and wisdom in general that will definitely leave you feeling more focused and clear on what lies ahead.

The book is a compilation of successful people from different industries, giving one-on-one interviews for readers who need some advice and a mentor. Each mentor’s sharing is around 4 pages on average, embedded with the theme of positivity and overcoming hardships.

The book separates into different chapters, so readers can take their pick, following different mentors’ story at their own pace. This book, unlike other books in this genre, does not sugar coat success stories. These individuals share intimate and realistic experience, talking about their fears, tragedies, bottlenecks, and struggles, humanising these higher-ups. You might find at the end of this read, that many of them have gone through similar situations that you are facing or have faced, so look out for inspiring solutions!

Need some direction?

If you are confused with where your future lies, are looking for more opportunities, needing to make a difficult decision, or simply in need of some inspiration, this is the book for you. Expect this to be the book you can re-read again and again with all the insights and useful advice, pass it on after a good read and spread the advice to someone else.

Reading Duration: 4hrs 17mins

Getting there – A book of mentors is available from Amazon at $17.11

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