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Learn To Master A Skill Successfully With This

The Practicing Mind is a bestselling book written by a piano technician who used to work at a performance venue for guest concert pianists. The author, Thomas M. Sterner, held a very demanding job, preparing pianos and thus in the everyday challenges of his job managed to gain the inspiration to write the book. And by packaging his experiences in a 150-page, easy-to-read book, he has helped countless students and adult alike.

The Practicing Mind isn’t just an ordinary book. It offers invaluable tips and strategies for someone practicing to master a skill, whether it is golfing, music or just anything that is skill-based. During those times when you are tirelessly struggling to acquire a talent to help you defeat a formidable challenge, it is only patience, focus and disciple that would dictate your success. And in this bestseller, Thomas Sterner shows precisely how to gain the skills, learn from failures and eventually be a success.

Learn through practice

Every skill in life is learned through trial-and-error practices and never giving up in the face of failure. In the study, the author notes the principles of training, the procedure of picking an objective and working towards achieving it. He teaches that procedure done right isn’t slavery, but rather a technique of mastering a fulfilling process that will inevitably build discipline, perfection, and success.

Finding joy in your pursuit of success

The highlight of the book is what the author advocates for – finding joy in your pursuit of success instead of having a notion that happiness would only arrive at the finishing line. He says that a lot of stresses we usually encounter is as a result of failing to relish the moment and worrying about other goals, tasks, and commitments that belong to the future.

By reading the book, some of the information you will find helpful includes:

  • Practicing towards a goal is better than merely having it.
  • Life is all about practice, and good practice is enjoyable – it isn’t hectic and stressful.
  • Active practicing differs from passive learning.
  • The Japanese plate story and why you need someone to ensure you do the job right.
  • Goals are like a rudder on a boat and offer direction.
  • Judging your work doesn’t get the job done.
  • Your goal is a compass – not a buried treasure.
  • The most important part of entrepreneurship is subdividing your limiting beliefs – not money.
  • The Zen concept of a beginner’s mind.
  • Habits are second nature – practice your skill, and it will soon be a habit.
  • Make time to sit and relax.

The Practicing Mind is accessible to all passionate readers of whatever philosophical backgrounds and offers helpful tips and strategies for anyone wishing to learn a skill or expertise. Irrespective of your perspective, you will not go wrong with this book’s insightful and compelling tips. It is available online for purchase.

Reading duration: 3 hours 28 minutes

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