Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Balancing The Tight Rope Of Your Personal And Professional Life

One of the things most important to human beings is family. Merely, a family brings joy and happiness in a person’s life. Human beings are nothing without love, sacrifice and social emotions. Emotions of joy, happiness, despair etc. make our lives colorful and happening.

The book Promise me Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purposeis heart-warming, breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully written by former Vice President of USA Joe Biden. He has breached the personal boundary of his life and revealed all his secrets to readers, allowing them to connect to the spirituality and emotion of this book.

Promise me Dad is a spiritual, emotional and motivational journey that leads to the personal barricade of Joe Biden’s life. The main theme of the book is to highlight the importance of achieving a balance between a personal and professional life. The book allows readers to live every second of Biden’s life, and depicts the importance of family traditions, customs and most importantly family relations.

Why are human emotions important?

The best way to create a balance in our personal and professional life is to trust on our instinct and believe our emotions. Emotions play an important part in our life and who else can understand our emotions other than our own family? Human emotions are important to bring a certain balance in our lives. Alongside the professional success, a person should be successful in his personal life as well. A well balanced life leads to success and happiness. Promise me Dad is a wonderful implementation of this thought provoking idea. The book tells us about the importance of maintaining the social as well as personal balance in our lives.

This book tells us how hope and purpose can make our actions a guidance for us to experience the good moments of our lives amid the personal or professional loss that has happened to us.

Reading duration: 5 hours 37 mins

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