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Top-“The boxer girl”, 2017, 100x80 cm, canvas, oil Evgeniy...

Top-“The boxer girl”, 2017, 100x80 cm, canvas, oil

Evgeniy Monahov was born in Moscow, Russia. Participated in a variety of personal and group exhibitions around the world, including the “Gralles Art Experience'2016” and ModPortrait'2016 in the Pablo Serrano Museum and MEAM (Spain)

“Pictures are bits of life”, as Sitka Charley, Jack London’s Native American character, used to say. You don’t know what happened before the instant captured in the painting, nor can you anticipate what would happen next. You can only see “the now” - a moment frozen in time, as if caught in amber. You can take your time to study all the details and dwell upon each and every stroke and line, and see the life in all its beauty in these small bits. You can finally see everything that, unfortunately, we so often lack time to admire.

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