Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shaping Air – The Installations of Yasuaki OnishiYasuaki Onishi...

Shaping Air – The Installations of Yasuaki Onishi

Yasuaki Onishi is a Japanese sculptor and installation artist. He uses humble materials to create his lighter than air works that seem to defy gravity. Writing for Rice University Joshua Fischer explains,

Onishi’s preferred materials – inexpensive, plastic painters’ drop cloths and black hot glue sticks – are not precious, and they can be easily purchased and stuffed into luggage or cardboard boxes for shipping without the precautions of fine art handling. Yet under Onishi’s eye and hand, these banal materials were transformed into a monumental, mountainous form that appeared to float in space.  

Find more of Yasuaki Onishi’s work on Instagram.   

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