Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Papercutting by  Elisa MearelliElisa Mearelli was born in 1984... crss

Papercutting by  Elisa Mearelli

Elisa Mearelli was born in 1984 in Italy. She studied at the School of Art and have a Masters Degree in Visual Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino.

Being born at Fabriano, a town with a historic tradition of papermaking, I feel I have a strong bond with this material which I consider to be much more than a common object of everyday use. For me, the paper is not just a support to cover with color, but rather it is the true protagonist of the work of art. Through the medium of paper I try to create new walks and broader landscapes to discover, suggesting a new relationship between us and each other and between us and our world.

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