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Never Leave Your New Born Babies Out Of Sight Again

As a modern parent, you probably have to juggle several tasks in addition to looking after the baby. Career demands and other daily tasks make it impossible to be physically present near the baby at all times. After the paternity/maternity leave, you will have to leave the baby in the care of a baby sitter. Is the baby asleep or agitated? Is the baby happy?

When you are around the house with the baby, you will need to step out from time to go to the bathroom, or even attend to a meal on the stove. Those few minutes when you are away can feel like hours. As a working mom with a babysitter, you will spend the hours at work agonizing about the baby, for there are plenty of horror stories about baby-sitters.

A baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on the baby even when you are not physically near the baby. Here are some of the top recommended baby monitors in the market, to keep your worries away.

Lollipop – Smart Baby Monitor With True Crying Detection

  • Audio mode – This is the only wifi baby monitor with audio only mode. This ensures you can detect your baby’s cry at any time.
  • True crying detection –  This baby monitor will differentiate between a true baby’s cry and other noises like giggles
  • Real-time streaming – In the house, the streaming is by wifi, and by cloud services when away from home.

Get it at Amazon for $149

Babysense video baby monitor

  • Auto infrared night vision – This allows you to keep an eye on the baby in the dark without disturbing him/her with lights
  • 2-way talk communication- Soothe your baby with your voice even while you are away from home
  • High tech add-ons – Room Temperature Monitoring with Eco Mode Voice Activation, High/Low Temperature Alerts, Alarm/Timer Setting, Sound Activated LED Indicators, 2x Digital Zoom with Digital Image Pan/Tilt option

Get it at Amazon for $74.99

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

  • Interchangeable zooming lens allows you to customize your zooming
  • 2-way communication allows you to comfort your baby without being present
  • Large 3.5 inches display for clearer definition

Get it at Amazon for $165.05

LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera

  • Plug and play – Quickly install and start viewing on your PC, laptop or tablet
  • View from Long distance – Can see up to 30 feet in darkness
  • High security – Works with high tech encryption to keep your data private

Get it at Amazon for $47.99

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

  • High clarity – Unmatched audio and video clarity
  • Camera expandable – The parent unit can work with 4 cameras allowing monitoring several babies
  • Long life battery – Energy saving VOX mode enables up to 12 hours monitoring

Get it at Amazon for $69

Smilism baby monitor

  • HD display – 2.4 inch TFT color display so you can see your babies clearly
  • Energy saving mode available – Turns on whenever voice from the baby is detected

Get it at Amazon for $87.99

Mykit 360 Degree Panoramic Camera

  • The Only baby monitor with 360 degrees view monitoring 100 square meters
  • Wifi enable so you can go wireless
  • Multiple view mode to switch up to 5 monitoring modes

Get it at Amazon for $42.98

By purchasing our recommended baby monitors, you can focus at work and don’t need to worry about your new born babies ever again.

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