Thursday, November 9, 2017

littlelimpstiff14u2: Animated Artwork ‘‘ Between Worlds ‘‘ by...

The Conjuration of Bodhi

The Conclusion of origins

The Intruders Arrival

Quarrel at the Ball

Deep in the Stinging Woods

Gracing the Heartless one

Oh the joyful droplets

The centennial sun


Animated Artwork ‘‘ Between Worlds ‘‘ by the Wonderful Vladimir Stankovic

Serbia-born, Denmark-based artist Vladimir Stankovic crafts enchanting GIFs that don’t just capture entire stories in each frame, but entire worlds. Mushrooms with nine eyes and spindly fingers interact with glowing aliens and woodland critter hybrids. The images, reminiscent of creepy-cute artists like Gary Baseman and Mark Ryden, channel an otherworldly sense of mystery inspired by mother nature and what lies beyond it. Txt Huffington Post|| H/T Lewsstalkmoreillustration

Behance|| Tumblr

I have spent a long time today reducing these animations/gifs for tumblr, have come to love his work.

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