Thursday, November 16, 2017

In Pursuit Of A Singular Life In A Crowded World

When you think of the word solitude, what comes to mind? Is this a term that you can easily embrace and comprehend in today’s blanket of connectivity? Would you agree that solitude is a rapidly vanishing experience as our society now embraces sharing like never before? With the constant pings of smartphones and prods of social media, time alone almost feels forced out of our lives. But what if solitude still has something important to offer us? Something that we have forgotten but desperately need?

Solitude Is The Key To Finding Balance In Today’s Digital World

In Solitude, award-winning author Michael Harris finds out why being alone has never been more important. He reflects on the paradoxical feeling of isolation that emerges from being constantly connected, and brings out the somewhat forgotten importance of solitude that is much needed in finding balance once again. Being alone – really alone – could be the only antidote to the frenzy of our digital age. Rich with stories about the positive transformative power of solitude, and drawing on research from the world’s leading neuroscientists and behavioural psychologists, Solitude offers a timely and profound exploration of how to be alone – and why it matters for us all.

We Are Much More Connected But Lonelier Than Ever Too

Harris brings out his key argument that the ability to be alone is undervalued, yet vital, especially in an era when many of us are constantly connected through e-mails and social media, but at the same time, lonelier than ever. While the common cure for loneliness is to develop more connections, Harris believes solitude is another remedy worth pursuing.Another note worthy point made by Harris is that loneliness is seen as failed solitude because solitude is a state of productive and contented time alone; whereas loneliness is an anxious emotion that derives from the suspicion that you’re supposed to be somewhere else or you’re supposed to be in the company of others.

Find out how we can move through that loneliness to arrive at solitude, and recalibrate our balance between the connectivity in our digital world, and reality, in this thought provoking read.

Reading duration: 5 hours 37 minutes

Solitude is available from Amazon at $14.29

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