Thursday, November 16, 2017

Here Is Why YOLO Is No Longer Relevant Today

It feels to me that the concept of time these days, is all about seizing and squeezing every moment such that it never goes to waste. Of course this sounds like a fair statement to make, because don’t we all want to make the ‘most’ of our time on this earth?

Yet, I do find that some people have taken this concept too literally, whereby it becomes an excuse for the rash decisions they make. Living for the moment, acting on impulse and desire because you only have this one life can become counter productive and not beneficial in the long run.

Don’t live for the moment

In an article titled Don’t Live For The Moment, Live For The Legacy that I recently read, I was drawn to the sentence – When we talk about “living for the moment,” we’re usually referring to acting on our immediate desires, rather than consciously choosing for each moment of our lives to serve some kind of purpose, add to some kind of objective.

Live for the work of your legacy

The concept of instant gratification, fast results, quick decisions has become so ingrained in our lives that we tend to act in ways that produce quick responses. Yet, this article brings us back to the process of ‘slowing’ down, not by wasting time or doing more work, but by understanding the true importance of your purpose and priority, such that at the end of your life on earth, you have built something that is greater than yourself – a legacy.

In working toward building a part of yourself in the world, rather than building your life around catering to your senses’ immediate desires, you will experience profound peace.

Don’t rush the person you want to be

Your legacy is what you will be remembered by — what kind of person you were, and what you did while you were here. It requires you to choose, to intentionally make use of your moments so don’t rush through life with rash actions and a sense of wanting to satisfy instant desires.

To read the full article (3 minute read), click here.

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