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Fine arts Photography - Christopher Broadbent     ... crss

Fine arts Photography - Christopher Broadbent      

Christopher Broadbent is an English photographer specialising in still-life photography. Based in Milan (Italy), has been awarded By the Art-directors Club, won a Gouda in the US and a got a bronze in Cannes. He constantly worked with Conde Nast in New York and Milan. He signed over one hundred commercials. He seeks the primitive shapes and lights of the “Natura morta” (italian for still-life painting). He uses light in a fantastic way and usually uses a wood camera, one window e very long exposures. Apart his amazing ability to create beautiful still-life I adore the fact that this English gentleman doesn’t give a damn about using photoshop. He just take his pics without any electronic aid. His Studio is in Via Santa Marta, 13 (20121) in Milan Italy. Website Pro

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