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Finding Your Sweet Spot When Up In The Air

I’m sure everyone loves travelling, and if you have the opportunity to, you will very likely find yourself having to take a plane in order to reach your travel destination. It’s no sweat if you’re on a 5 hour or less flight. But the challenge comes when you have to take long haul flights, or worst still, red eye flights.

Unless you’re flying on business or first class, chances are it’s going to be an uncomfortable journey on economy. So how can you make the most of your long journey on the plane without feeling sore and cranky from having no sleep once you arrive at your destination?

The Telegraph featured an article What’s the best way to sleep on a plane? where a list of top tips were given to help travellers taking the dreaded long haul flights find some added comfort. Here are 2 less common tips that may help you get a better rest when onboard a long flight.

Pick a quiet spot for your peace

Research by easyJet revealed that the most in-demand seat on a plane is near the front of the plane – presumably for the perceived ease of disembarkation. Those seeking peace and quiet may wish to avoid the front, however, as this is where parents with babies will often travel, and where flight attendants will be clattering around with drinks trolleys. The other area to avoid are seats near the toilet as that would mean loud door banging, and people hovering around you as they wait to use the toilet.

So consider the back of the aircraft. Window seats obviously reduce the chance of being disturbed and also give you somewhere to rest your head.

Don’t drink too much on the plane

While the soporific effects of booze are well known, it is suggested to avoid caffeine-laced drinks and alcohol on a flight. Try drinking herbal tea instead. It is also a good idea not to eat too full or heavy a meal so as to prevent bloatedness or indigestion.

For more tips, check out the full article here

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