Saturday, November 11, 2017 Saturday, November 11, 2017

a brief departure from the typical posts here…while i try...

a brief departure from the typical posts here…

while i try not to include my personal work in subtilitas, readers may have noticed content has been a little sparse here lately due to a few large projects wrapping up. one of which is a book i’ve been involved with through the cactus store, which was just released this week.

xerophile is a compendium of desert plant and habitat photography three years in the making. a selection of over five hundred photographs of arguably the rarest and most bizarre plants on earth, photographed in their remote natural habitats over the past 80 years by a global cadre of obsessed cactus aficionados made up of both the amateur and the professional—from phd. botanist to banker, art teacher to cancer researcher. aside from the field photography, we’ve also included several interviews with the explorer’s themselves, who’s stories only add to the mystique of their images. 

posts should begin to be more regular next week. thanks as always for reading.

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