Monday, November 27, 2017

7 Alternative Ways To Success You Should Try Once

We know everyone has different secrets to success, but they somehow involve hard work, planning, ambition, and values. Yet, there are some who rely on alternative ways to success, such as crystals, gods and other superstitions, and claim it works.The Seven Spiritual Laws of Successby Deepak Chopra advocates yet another alternative thinking to viewing success. An interesting read that explains this vaguely huge concept of success everyone wants to achieve with alternative theories.

The book is based on seven natural laws of all creation, divided into seven sections, one chapter for each

  1. Pure potentiality;
  2. Giving;
  3. Cause-Effect (Karma);
  4. Least Effort;
  5. Intention and Desire (Intention & Attention);
  6. Detachment;
  7. Purpose (Dharma)

Opposing the traditional value that we hold “Success as being the result of hard work, plans and ambition”, the author takes an alternative side to explain the pathway to success. It explains the understanding of the true nature, and learning to live in harmony with the seven natural laws. Only then will we will arrive at peace, a sense of well-being, and achieve fulfilling relationships.

Start thinking spiritually

The book challenges individuals to see that we are at the centre of our universe and we have to deliberately create what surrounds us and what is inside of us. The two-hour pocketbook might not be your all-time favourite key-to-success book, yet it is filled with so much spiritual wisdom, is an excellent read for all of us who are frustrated, and need a break from the daily routine of hard work. This book is your perfect daily reminder for the spiritual soul.

Reading duration: 2hrs 26mins

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is available fromAmazon at $7.74

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