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Last Minute Cute and Creepy Halloween Costumes for Kids (For Under $25)

Every year, kids in cute (or scary) costumes running around in Halloween, collecting candy and playing with friends. It’s the night to have fun! But for parents, deciding Halloween costumes for kids could be a challenge.

Parents need to know where to shop. If you’re going on a weekend, it can be busy and the costumes can be picked over. Costumes can get expensive, and your kids probably won’t want to repeat costumes of previous years. If there is a “hot costume” in a given year, that might be hard to find or the price will be jacked up. Making your own costumes is time-consuming and can also be costly in terms of acquiring everything you need

A lot of these issues tend to surface last-minute as opposed to early October.

What if I told you, though, that we could offer you various costume ideas for under $25? At least one of the following options should help solve any stress related to the costume selection process.

1. JollyCreek Unisex Children Unicorn Pyjamas Halloween Cosplay Kids Onesie Costume

Soft and comfortable flannel material that also works well at children’s sleepovers, this is a cute unicorn costume that comes in various colors including blue, pink, and rose.

JollyCreek Unisex Children Unicorn Pyjamas, $23.99

2. Favorite Emoji Costumes for Adults & Kids

You can dress up as the poop emoji, the devil, the heart smile, the kiss heart, the laugh cry, or the tongue wink. Child and adult sizes are available so that it can be a real family event.

Favorite Emoji Costumes for Adults & Kids, $12.97

3. Li’l Unicorn Cape Toddler Costume

This version only comes in white, but it’s brand new — and again, if you want to own the Christmas card game this holiday season, you will dominate it with a cute picture of your child in an unicorn costume.

Li’l Unicorn Cape Toddler Costume, $24.75

4. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Deluxe Child’s Stormtrooper Costume and Mask

Remember, there’s a new Star Wars coming out a few weeks after Halloween, so this is likely to be a “hot costume” this year.

Child’s Stormtrooper Costume and Mask, $18.07

5. Vogvigo Halloween Vampire Bat Costume

OK, bats are less adorable than unicorns — but this costume is very sleek (70% Polyester fiber) and has an added bonus. If your child doesn’t know about bats or is potentially afraid of them, this could help educate them on the pros of the animal.

Vogvigo Halloween Vampire Bat Costume, $17.99

6. Forum Novelties Children’s Unisex Headless Costume

This one is a little bit freaky to look at, but don’t worry — no one is actually beheading your child. A harness is hidden under the robe, and elastic bands go underneath armpit and Velcro to plastic neck to hold up harness.

Forum Novelties Children’s Unisex Headless Costume, $23.48

7. California Costumes Children’s Toys Evil Jester

If you’re going for scary, this one might be a good bet. It makes your child look like a freaky jester with a skeleton face/smile and a scary black/white color combo on the costume itself.

California Costumes Children’s Toys Evil Jester , $20.98

8. Ballpark Frank Hot Dog Children’s Food Halloween Costume

You’ll — wait for the pun! — relish your child’s experience having a — wait for it! — footlong of fun in this costume.

Ballpark Frank Hot Dog Children’s Food Halloween Costume, $9.99

9. Big Boys’ Inflatable Ostrich Costume

It looks like your child is riding the ostrich, but you could also walk or dance with it. If your child is into animals and learning about animals, this could be a good idea.

Big Boys’ Inflatable Ostrich Costume, $22.84

10. Creeper Classic Minecraft Costume

Your child becomes the geometric patterns associated with Minecraft. Dancing in this costume might look a little bit like a Daft Punk show, but the price is right.

Creeper Classic Minecraft Costume, $17.74

11. SSORTE Deluxe Latex Full Head Hood Masque Halloween Adult and Kid’s Costume Accessory

Big, smiling, fun head with wide teeth — and family sets are available for the kids and parents. Kinda looks like a weird early Simpsons character in a way. Could frighten those in your neighborhood, will most likely cause laughs.

SSORTE Deluxe Latex Full Head Hood Masque, $14.49

12. Girl Vampires Halloween Costume Dress

What’s scarier, or more color-coordinated, than a girl dressed up as a vampire? With a little help of a scary makeup, here goes the scariest girl vampire.

Girl Vampires Halloween Costume Dress, $24.97

13. Halloween Kids’ Transylvanian Vampire Costume

The three pieces are a top, pants, cape with attached vest and collar. This version of a vampire costume is a little bit more boy-friendly, but could be pulled off as unisex. The cape is the added element here.

Halloween Kids’ Transylvanian Vampire Costume, $20

14. Child KISS Rocker Costume – The Demon Large

Use this opportunity to teach your child about music history, rock and roll, showmanship, and more as you dress them up like the rockers KISS.

Child KISS Rocker Costume – The Demon Large, $24.95

15. Rubies Punk Zombie Child Costume

This one might scare the neighborhood, or make them think your child is recruiting for a new punk band to rival The Ramones.

Rubies Punk Zombie Child Costume, $19.78

We hope some of these suggestions are helpful. If you have other good ideas, leave them in the comments.

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