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The Stunning ‘Found’ Mixed Media Sculptures of  Kris KuksiThe ...

The Stunning ‘Found’ Mixed Media Sculptures of  Kris Kuksi

The painstakingly gathered model kit pieces, injection molded orphans, bric-a-brac and knick knacks, figurines, jewelry and plastic animals congeal into a re-imagined frieze, a macabre amalgam, that reveals, confronts, and provokes a viewer’s belief system by re imagining familiar narratives into new contexts.

The sculpture hangs on the wall: a sprawling world, a warning, a revelation, a vision of a collective soul. From afar, the composition is what is striking, formally balanced, playful yet contained and graceful. It beckons, drawing the viewer into its tangle of meaning, history unfolding in its depths and reverence discovered within the assortment of invented iconography.

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