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Mixed Media Art by Lina KusaiteLina Kusaite is a freelance...

Mixed Media Art by Lina Kusaite

Lina Kusaite is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and art coach, working in Brussels, Belgium. Her professional life was influenced by a mix of Post Soviet, Dutch and French education systems in the Arts and Fashion Design disciplines. Such a varied mix has taught her to balance different art techniques with strong concept development. Her curiosity and desire to learn and understand our world’s complexity brought her to Brussels in 2001, where she joined the trans-disciplinary laboratory and research group ‘FoAM’.

Over the last years, Lina’s main source of creative activities became Nature and its ecosystems. This evolved into an interest in designing indoor and outdoor sustainable green environments, looking at the balance between local plant ecosystems and urban environments. For more check out her website.

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