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Minima | Maxima by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY ‘’To be... crss


‘’To be inside Minima | Maxima is to be transported to a strange future, a science fiction world, removing us from ourselves and finding a sense of naive wonder within. The impulse is to explore, to visually wander. Transformed into a childlike state, visitors can do so without the pretense of reference or concepts, employing instead the potent investigative powers of our senses.

The project extends MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY’s research and development efforts to achieve structural integrity through ultra-thin, self-supporting assemblies, which find strength in the double curvature of their form. In the whimsical yet durable universe the studio creates, curves win out over angles. Branches, splits and recombinations make columns and beams irrelevant. A 'networked’ surface rolls in, on and around itself, transforming into a space that upends preconceived notions of enclosure, entrance/exit, and threshold, while also providing its own support. It bends in all directions, but still manages to stand upright on its own.’’ X

Learn more of Marc’s work and evolution here

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