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Frank Kunert’s Miniature WorldsFrank Kunert, born in Frankfurt...

Frank Kunert’s Miniature Worlds

Frank Kunert, born in Frankfurt in 1963 is a German photographer. In recent years, Kunert has mainly focused on creating and taking pictures of his “Small Worlds”.

The project “Small Worlds” is far from being mere photographic satire. Instead, Kunert has spent weeks, working with deco boards, plasticine and paint, in order to model his thoughts in 3D. With an exceptional eye for detail, he has constructed faultless models and created scenes that look just like the real thing. Kunert never flicks on his studio lights and reaches for his large-format camera until he feels that his models have reached a state of perfection - until they have become little worlds of their own. Kunert’s “Small Worlds” are equally funny, whimsical, grotesque, and pensive musings, and they are also provocative and critical. It is left up to the viewers to decide if they find the works morbid, or simply funny; if they want to truly see the deeper level of what the stories are telling them, and if they might even dare to elaborate on them. 

 Dr. Christine Donat  

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