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10 Best Stylish and Multifunctional Backpacks

Whether it’s for work, college, or traveling, backpacks are an essential part of daily life. So backpacks need to be practical and look good. They need to keep up with the demands of the modern world and be an expression of your personal style.

Nowadays many well-designed backpacks have functions that go beyond any regular bags. After interviewing all of our outgoing colleagues who are fashion (and backpack) lovers, we have hand-picked for you 10 of the best backpacks available today.

1. BagoBago Backpack with Built-In Seat

The innovative BagoBago backpack has a hidden stool seat built into it (supporting up to 130kg) – so you’ll never get stuck without a place to sit ever again.

The bag itself – which is waterproof and washable – has plenty of space, with a storage volume of 1,342.5cu.

Best for: nature walks or commuting in the city.

BagoBago Backpack with Built-In Seat, $119.99

2. Wolffepack Escape Backpack

The Wolffepack Escape is the world’s first orbital backpack – you can easily swing the backpack round to the front, even with the bag still strapped to your back.

It’s the best of both worlds – the comfort of a backpack, and the easy access of a satchel, messenger bag or shoulder bag. It’s also great for quickly protecting your belongings from theft.

Plus it boasts super strong Dyneema® cords that can support 300kg.

Best for: Quick and easy access on the go, and to quickly secure your belongings in busy areas.

Wolffepack Escape Backpack, $179

3. Progo Carry On Backpack

The attractive angular-designed Progo Carry On Backpack is great for short-stay visits when you just want to pack and unpack quickly and easily.

It has an integrated removable shelf (4 layers) that you can hang in any closet.

An internal mesh compartment inside the main compartment will provide space for your undergarments or other flat belongings.

Best for: travellers, especially those hopping from location to location.

Progo Carry On Backpack, $249

4. Backpaix: Backpack for Commuters

The stylish Backpaix is billed as the world’s first ‘smart’ urban bag – and it really does offer a host of features for the modern commuter.

Just some of the features include the ability to: charge your USB devices, mount a GoPro, and interact in Bike Mode.

It’s a great-looking backpack to take your gear around in (check out the distinctive LED badge) and includes a separate pocket for shoes.

Best for: city commuters and bike riders.

Backpaix: Backpack for Commuters, $250

5. TrustBag: World’s Most Secure Bag

Appearances can be deceiving. The TrustBag looks like a simple gym bag – but it’s so much more.

The special fabric used to make the bag is ultra-soft – yet it’s one of the strongest, most advanced fabrics in the world.

Amazingly, it can resist cuts, ripping and abrasion – and until recently it had only been used by the army and security services as protective gear.

Best for: a lightweight bag safe from damage or theft.

TrustBag: World’s Most Secure Bag, $179 (grey)

6. Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with Laptop Storage

The Lifepack has some great features for the demanding commuter.

Its Solarbank consists of a 3-in-1 powerbank, bluetooth speakers and solar charger.

It has an integrated retractable lock to secure your belongings. And if you’re caught in a shower it has a built in rain cover.

You can organize your multi-faceted life using separate compartments – the ‘life zone’ and the ‘work zone’.

Best for: city commuters and bike riders.

Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with Laptop Storage, $199.99

7. Jule’s Bag (Super Dad’s Bag)

Take care of your little one in style with Jule’s Bag. It’s a unique no-fuss changing bag designed especially for dads.

When you open the backpack, you’re greeted by several compartments for keeping everything organised and accessible – from sanitary care items, to spare clothes, to food.

The bag also transforms into a changing mat (waterproof and washable). And there’s a clever detachable waste bag to ditch dirty items.

Best for: On-the-go dads who want a fuss-free way to look after their precious baby companions.

Jule’s Bag (Super Dad’s Bag), $150.96

8. ELECOM Off Toco 2 Style Casual Backpack

If you’re looking for a dedicated camera backpack, the ELECOM Off Toco could be the one for you.

It has a special interior with moveable pads to configure the space two ways to fit your camera and lenses.

The handy removable camera inner case is great for on-the-go camera and lens use.

Best for: photographers.

ELECOM Off Toco 2 Style Casual Backpack, $131.78

9. NIID-UNO I Water Repellent Slim Laptop Backpack

If photography, sports, or art is your thing, the NIID-UNO I is a great choice.

Its mega storage space fits laptops of up to 15.6 inches. And it has a smart organizing system: 3 different types of specially-designed interior panels for cameras, sports equipment, or art supplies.

It also has a handy USB charging port.

It’s made with a durable Eco-Polyester exterior with a water repellent coating to keep your valuables safe.

Best for: mobile photographers, sports people, and artists needing to store their gear while navigating the city or countryside.

NIID-UNO I Water Repellent Slim Laptop Backpack, $79.99

10. Korin ClickPack Pro Functional Anti-theft BackPack

You’ll get great all-round functionality with the Korin ClickPack Pro.

It has four kinds of security functions. It can charge your devices on the go, and you can organize your gear in its five major storage compartments.

Plus you won’t get caught out in a bad weather thanks to its double layer rain protection.

Best for: nature walks or city commutes in unpredictable weather.

Korin ClickPack Pro Functional Anti-theft BackPack $193

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