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Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Fill You Up Without Gaining Weight

Some people prefer a big breakfast with eggs and sausages, others maybe too rush to eat anything healthy or simply skip it. But breakfasts can shake up your wake up. What you eat in the morning determines your mood and energy level throughout the whole day.

If your breakfast is always bread and butter, or yogurt with milk, it’s time to consider having something simple yet special as breakfast. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get up an hour earlier to make an awesome breakfast!

Don’t miss all the following breakfast recipes which are healthy, tasty and easy-to-make. Trust me, healthy food doesn’t necessarily taste bad. You will be amazed by these incredibly delicious healthy combinations, and will be addicted to these recipes.

Start Your Day With Calorie Breakfast

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Stop counting calories each morning you are absorbing. Try the recipes of no more than 300 calories, no kidding. Stay away from worries and have a good morning!

Replace Whole-Wheat Flour with Coconut Flour Pancake

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Pancake is healthy. This is not a lie.
Free from fibre, no grains, gluten free, low calories… These are the benefits of coconut flour.
Now, enjoy your breakfast time with the healthy pancake!

Oatmeal Muffins When You Are Tired of Plain Yogurt

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Here is a choice apart from yogurt with fresh fruit or with cereals. Try this greek yogurt muffin with no butter. Don’t forget to add your favorite fruit and nuts!

If You Think Quinoa is Nasty, This Will Change Your Mind

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A sweet and healthy breakfast dish with apples, coconut milk and quinoa. Add cinnamon, walnuts and berries as you prefer!

It’s Your Favourite Vanilla With Oatmeal

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Mixed fruit and vanilla are the perfect match. Baked with oatmeal and you get an addictive sweet breakfast!

A Choice for Vegan, A Bonus for All.

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If you are a vegan having salad every morning, this is for you. Cute and yummy – oatmeal cups with NO gluten or dairy.

Grab a Smoothie Before Coffee

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All you need in the morning is to blend fruit, make a smoothie, and refresh your mind.

Peanut Butter Granola With Mixed Berries

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A healthy breakfast recipe to enjoy granola, peanut butter and mixed fruit altogether at one time.

Don’t Buy Carrot Cakes or Energy Bars. Make One.

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Easy recipe, simple ingredients, lovely tastes. Fill up energy by oatmeal breakfast bars!

Scrambled Egg White Only

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Scramble egg white with tomatoes and your choices. A little salt, a little pepper. That makes the perfect English healthy breakfast.

Chop Bananas Because You Are Going To Panfry Them

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If you think cinnamon is only for apple, banana also takes some love. A 5-min recipe to taste banana in a new way.

Egg Salad, As Simple As That

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Another easy recipe that brightens your morning. Less than 10 mins, more than 80 marks!

This Colourful Mixture Without Gluten.

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Call it breakfast bowl because you only need a bowl and drop everything inside. Simple and beautiful, the best choice for vegans!

Porridge That Sweetens Your Tongue

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It’s hard to resist the warm bowl of porridge served with pear and almond.

Enchiladas – Popular Chilean Corn Dish

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Feeling bored of dishes from your hometown? Try Chile Enchiladas and fill it with chicken, tomatoes and rosemary and enjoy a big breakfast.

Greek Yogurt Pancake

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If you don’t like the muffin above, try Greek yogurt with pancakes. Why? Because it’s healthier, more fluffy and tastier!

Oatmeal Bars to Restore Protein

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I know there are people who do not bake. And so here is the recipe for oatmeal protein bar. Now there’s no excuse for an unhealthy breakfast.

These Recipes Give You Protein and Stay Healthy

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23 choices, different flavours, various ingredients. Here are breakfast recipes for the month!

Pasta Salad – Salad That Definitely Fills You Up

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If you think egg salad is too plain. If veggies are too little to be full. Pasta salad with egg is all you need.

Oatmeal Glass With Mango

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Easy recipes are those without using heat. This coconut oatmeal glass lets you make your breakfast the night before. Now, you can sleep tight, wake up in the last minute and enjoy the delicious healthy glass!

Make-ahead and Takeaway Breakfast

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This is for people who don’t have the mood to eat before rushing out from home. Make it the night before and bring it to the office. Perfect!

Not Just Oatmeal – Try Quinoa Bars

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Quinoa breakfast bars can be filled with fruits and nuts, served with coffee or milk, and portable to anywhere.

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