Monday, July 17, 2017

Artist : GRAFFMATT  aka ( Matthieu Lainé )URBAN BLOCK ( Top...

Artist : GRAFFMATT  aka ( Matthieu Lainé )


Born in 1986, Matthieu Lainé aka GRAFFMATT is an artist from Chambéry, Savoie. Graduated from the school of graphic arts La Martinière-Diderot in 2006 (Lyon), he specializes in graphics and video, but his main activity quickly becomes painting. He navigates between personal works and artistic commissions without losing his personality.
A lover of street art and Hip-Hop culture, GRAFFMATT develops wide techniques and explores several media (collage, kraft, cardboard, canvas, etc.) always with his main source of inspiration: the urban scene. It is also inspired by street fashion, a trend known as street style or street fashion. Even if he grants more preference to the model than to the style of dress, he retains the authenticity of the moment, taken from life, without artifices other than those of natural appearance and external light.

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