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Paintings by Ai Gonoi   五ノ井愛  Ai Gonoi is a Japanese...

Paintings by Ai Gonoi   五ノ井愛 

Ai Gonoi is a Japanese illustrator from Fukushima.

I am obsessed about coloring with transparent watercolors and acrylic paint. I am interested in painting “the material of humans,” such as the skin or the eyes, and I want to draw people in a way that one could feel as if they were here. 

From long ago, I’ve always been more drawn to dark, silent things rather than bright, vigorous, cute things, and I was also rescued by those kinds of works. I paint because I want to get closer to the feelings of those who feel lonely, isolated, anxious, or afraid of the world surrounding them, and I want to paint pictures that can be at least of a little help to them.

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