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Paintings by Shang Chengxiang

Shang Chengxiang’s (born 1985) work digs into the deep psychic of a human being, revealing the anxiety, fear, and fantasy of unconsciousness. Dream plays a crucial role in his works.  The artist is inspired and intrigued by his dreams, his paintings are often a mixture of his memory of his dreams and his pondering of his reality and things that are in between. The colorful cloud/ smoke in his “Cloud Path” series derive from the rainbow-color forest that once appeared in his dream, many drafts and attempts later, the artist couldn’t recreate the scene in his dreams, the illusionary quality of dreams started to sink into Chengxiang’s mind. He compares this illusionary quality of dreams to the evaporating quality of cloud and smoke, both temporary and unobtainable. He started to combine colors with clouds in his paintings, together with surreal and dreamlike images, Shang Chengxiang leads his audiences into the world of unexpected. Follow him on Facebook.

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