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A Floral Dialect a new solo show by Simone Webb ‘A Floral... crss

A Floral Dialect a new solo show by Simone Webb

‘A Floral Dialect’ coming up at Curious Duke Gallery in London 1st June - 1st July

I create limited edition prints and originals inspired by the themes of Fauna and Flora

For this show I wanted to focus on depicting flowers with positive connotations - something I feel is much needed considering the worlds current events.

Whilst floriography was very popular in the 18th century with the Victorians sending flowers to portray their feelings or intentions, the language of flowers has evolved into something much more multifarious than ever. Black roses not only portray death and sadness but also signal the birth of a new era of hope and joy, allowing the ability to see beauty and positivity in something that was once only viewed as morbid. Of course, we also have certain flowers that evoke emotions within us, allowing us each to create our very own personal language of flowers.

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