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10 Best Standing Desks That Are High in Quality and Cheap in Price

There are a surplus of articles on the Internet talking about the harmful impact of too much sitting. It increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. And somehow, all of the gym sessions and exercises might not offset the health issues caused by sitting too much.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to scare you with more facts and negative health effects of sitting too long. But what we need to do is to combat this sedentary lifestyle, and standing desks seem to be the best option.

How is a standing desk going to help?

A study in 2015[1] shows that by combining exercising and standing, you can increase your life expectancy potentially even more. The more you move around, you’ll burn more calories, and it helps your heart to function better, which in turn lessen your risk of chronic diseases.

Another research[2] suggests that workers who stand are more productive than those who remain seated. The study shows a tremendous increase in productivity after 6 months.

Here are 10 best affordable standing desk options for you, and I have arranged them according to their prices!

1. Readaeer Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand ($30)

Credit: Aeropost

This is technically not a standing desk, but this laptop stand is a great alternative for you if you don’t want to invest a whole lot. Just put this on an existing desk and you are done!

  • Price tier: Very low
  • For who: Students, people with home offices

2. IKEA-Hacked Standing Desk ($33-$38)

▲ The $22 Ikea Hack. Credit: Lateral

If you want a cheap standing desk, you should consider “The $22 Ikea Hack”. With a side table, a shelf, two brackets, and screws, you can create your own standing desk using solely Ikea products. (With the similar items found on Ikea’s website, the standing desk costs a little bit more.)

  • Price tier: Very low
  • For who: Scrappy people on a budget

3. IKEA Norberg Wall-Mounted Desk ($39)

Credit: Gumtree

A wall-mounted desk is one of the cheapest and simplest types of standing desk you can get. It offers a minimalist design to satisfy your aesthetic tastebuds, and saves a lot of space. You can also use it as a shelf. The only downside is you can’t adjust it freely.

  • Price tier: Very low
  • For who: Minimalists, people living in a small space

4. Alvin MiniMaster Adjustable Drafting Table ($120)

Credit: Artist Supply Source

This is another example of adding a new purpose to an existing furniture. Compared to standing desks, drafting tables are more affordable. It comes with wheels and an adjustable board (you can adjust it between 0 to 30 degrees). There’s also a drawer to keep your gadgets in place.

  • Price tier: Low
  • For who: Everyone

5. Birch Standing Desk Conversion Kit ($160)

Credit: Amazon

Similar to the laptop stand, this adjustable kit sits on top of your existing desk. You don’t have to buy a brand new standing desk and the birchwood looks fine and nice.

  • Price tier: Low
  • For who: Everyone

6. Safco Muv Stand Up Desk With Keyboard Shelf ($199)

Credit: Sunny Kart

This is a fancier standing desk option. This desk not only has wheels, but also shelf spaces. There’s a shelf for your keyboard, another for your computer, and one for all the miscellaneous things. Plus, its slim design saves a lot of space.

  • Price tier: Middle
  • For who: Everyone, especially people working in tight, small office areas

7. Refold Cardboard Standing Desk ($250-300)

Credit: DailyTekk

Believe it or not, this cardboard standing desk is very sturdy. It saves tons of space, and when you are done with it, you can recycle it.

  • Price tier: Middle
  • For who: Artistic minimalists, creatives, environmentally-conscious people

8. Rebel Up Standing Desk ($499)

Credit: Cult of Mac

Just like some other desks, the height is adjustable, so what makes this standing desk different? Well, take a look at the side, and there are two outlets and two USB ports for you to charge your gadgets simultaneously. And you can choose the desktop color!

  • Price tier: High
  • For who: Tech-savvy people

9. 60″ Electric Stand Up Desk ($549)


Similar to the Rebel Up Standing Desk, this one comes with a power cable and a large working space. One thing that stands out is you don’t need to crank the handle to adjust the heights, simply push a button. Also, it comes with wheels, which makes it easier to move around.

  • Price tier: High
  • For who: Tech-savvy people, people working in offices

10. DIY Standing Desk (cost varies)

▲ DIY Pipe Standing Desk. Credit: Brian Hirschy

If the previous 9 suggestions haven’t impressed you, it might be a sign that you secretly want to build your own standing desk. You can go the easy and affordable route,[3] or be industrial and artistic about it.

  • Price tier: It depends
  • For who: DIY-ers

I hope you have found the best affordable standing desk and start moving those legs!


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