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How I Pursue Learning for Free After Graduation

Starting a new business and getting your dream job might be your biggest achievement. But what happens when things get too difficult to manage? You might be getting numerous responsibilities and it may be difficult for you to target customers. In these situations, others may tell you to quit and find another job.

Most people fail because they are unable to manage difficult situations. In order to find the solution, they read books or blogs from other famous people. However, what they do not understand is that it is always best to be guided by a physical human being.

In this situation, getting a good mentor is essential. This individual will assist you in resolving any potential problems. In order to help you find a mentor, here is a list of platforms that will help you in finding the best mentors:

1. Find a Mentor: for anyone who looks for personal growth

This self-service tool helps individuals find mentors who will meet designated requirements in an efficient manner. All you have to do is list your business functions and what qualities you are seeking in a mentor. The platform will automatically provide you with a list of options to choose from. Then, you would select the mentor who you feel connects with you well.

  • Who’s it for: The general public (above 18)
  • What does it offer: Pairing of mentor and mentee

2. Horse’s Mouth: for aspiring entrepreneurs

Horse’s Mouth is a social network platform where you will get the opportunity to post your request. Anyone can attend these sessions as they are open to the public. The individual requesting the mentor just needs to provide any necessary equipment or resources to the mentor so they can meet all requirements. The mentor will go through the available options and will select the one they find most appropriate. The clean interface and simple platform makes it easy to share and receive information.

  • Who’s it for: The general public, especially entrepreneurs
  • What does it offer: Social networking

3. Envelop: for aspiring performers

This platform provides services such as mentorship for performers and educational workshops for crowds. Envelop will change the way you listen to your favorite songs, and it offers you advice from top musicians around the globe. Apart from that, you will come across many educational workshops to help you out.

  • Who’s it for: Aspiring performers
  • What does it offer: Performer mentorship, educational workshops, advice from worldwide top musicians

4. Mogul: for female entrepreneurs

This is the perfect site for female entrepreneurs. It helps over 18 million women, and provides accessible services and advices available all time regardless of your location.

  • Who’s it for: Female entrepreneurs
  • What does it offer: 24/7 expert mentorship services, 10 skill-building courses

5. iCouldBe: for highschool students

It’s not only business professionals or entrepreneurs who need mentorship. Students need mentorship as well coming from experts across industries. This is why iCouldBe was specially developed for high school students. iCloudBe helps students determine their most appropriate career path, and it provides them with the flexibility needed to manage their school work.

  • Who’s it for: High school students
  • What does it offer: Advice on career path, school work management

6. iMentor: for anyone who is interested in the financial field

There are students around the globe who are unable to pay for their college tuition, and some even drop out of school as a result of the expenses. iMentor was developed with the sole intent to help students experiencing financial hardship to gain mentorship. With its mentorship services, the student would get a chance to find a reasonable job. This makes it easier paying off college tuition as well as any other possible expenses.

  • Who’s it for: Students experiencing financial hardships
  • What does it offer: Mentorship services (and Find a Mentor)

7. SCORE: for small business entrepreneurs

This is a mentorship platform for small businesses. The best mentors are only a click away because technology has changed the world into a global village. Now is the best time and opportunity to find a mentor. In order to take your career to the next level, it is essential that you find a mentor that both challenges and compliments your skill sets.

  • Who’s it for: Small businesses
  • What does it offer: Workshops, mentorship

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