Wednesday, May 10, 2017

crossconnectmag: Sarah Meyohas Works with Mirrors New York...


Sarah Meyohas Works with Mirrors

New York artist Sarah Meyohas has created two works utilizing mirrors.  In one of her works, Speculations, two mirrors placed across from each other with objects placed in-between reflect endlessly.  The result is hypnotic and mesmerizing.   Her other work Bitchcoin uses a nude model with mirrors. Mirrors are placed over the nude woman along with artfully placed objects like shoes and flowers so that their nudity is obscured. Perhaps this is to emphasize the endless way in which online payment means like bitcoin are used to anonymize transactions like prostitution or perhaps to show the way in which women’s sexuality anonymizes them and their likeness online which can be spread endlessly through social media.  Like much great art, Sarah Meyohas’ work is unsettling and thought provoking.  Thanks to AnOther Magazine.

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